Back-pocket Details: 2 Examples of Where and When to Find Wild Food: False Solomon Seal & Hemlock Varnish Shelf

Gleaning and Foraging in Late Fall

If you didn’t feel it already, November marks summer’s end with the holiday Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen). This is the time of year when you bring in the last of your harvest – all that will sustain you through the dark months ahead – hopefully. What are the things you need to help you weather the

Of Nannies and Witches

As we fall into autumn, mesmerized by the colorful leaves spinning in the breeze and sashaying their way to the ground, be watchful of nannies and witches, for this is their season too – trailside surprises that can delight, nourish and heal. There are some fruits and flowers in our New England woods and fields

Autumn Olive: Fall’s Secret Bounty

What were we thinking when we introduced the Autumn Olive? Autumn Olive, Elaeagnus umbellate, of the Oleaster family, is a migrant from central Asia. Actually, within close proximity of our beloved fall fruit the apple, which is considered naturalized to the United States. That means it’s been here long enough to play nice and fit

Fall into Autumn, Mabon

Mabon Winds of Change talk to me through the trees rattling out the old, whispering in the new, and Oonagh is gifting us the tools of Transformation so that we may learn to live in harmony with the cycles and processes of Nature. Sticks clap like hands to the heartbeat rhythm of a drum that

Autumnal Blessings: Welcome the Season of the Witch

Must be the season of the Witch… Witch-hazel that is. I was walking through the woods, watching the leaves raining down in a cascade of yellow and red, when I noticed what my mom would call a “punky” flower, not unlike a long-haired punk rocker. She normally would be referring to the garden and roadside

Autumn Equinox: Honoring the Harvest and Changing Season

Blessed Autumn Equinox! Celebrate the Fall into Winter  – wildly, passionately, and with dignity.  See beauty in the dying; Be thankful for a good harvest; Draw in closer and snuggle with loved ones. Enjoy the below poem, “What Really Matters” and natural history article on Black Cherries, a seasonal delight. Bright Blessings, Arianna   What