Hearken to Avalon Book Cover finalizingSet against the backdrop of myth and legend, history is rewritten by those who did not get to tell their side of the story. Guy of Gisbourne, said to be a notorious villain hounding the good people of Nottingham and Morgaine Avalon, future Duchess of Glastonbury, descendant and namesake of the legendary King Arthur’s half-sister, are drawn together by the mysterious workings of the Faie. Their story is one of love that completes itself as Guy claims his destiny as the Stag King and comes to Avalon’s aid once again.

This love story does not follow the “romance” formula but sets forth a rich perspective on how couples can lovingly and passionately interrelate and cooperatively cope with the challenges set before them. This story illustrates how we can be more compassionate beings with one another and how we can learn to be true to our own nature as well as to each other.

About the Author:
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Arianna Alexsandra Collins, Poet, Priestess, Naturalist, lives in Ashfield, Massachusetts with her two kitties, Bree and Madeline. She is devoted to her town and serves on several committees and can often be found walking the back roads or hiking through forest and field, leading wild edible walks. Through her business, Offerings for Community Building, Arianna provides services in environmental education, writing, event planning, and business maximization. This is Arianna’s first novel.

Hearken to Avalon open heart open mindHearken to Avalon Reviews:

“An adventurous romance set in a creative re-make of history and myth…I had to keep reading to see what new plot twist would come up next.” ~ Penny J. Novack, A Gift For Living, Your Luminous Self

“Hearken to Avalon” slowly, inexorably reels you in. Suddenly, you are hooked by a sizzling romance full of intrigue and adventure on a grand scale. This dazzling tale of myth and magic does not disappoint. Makes you breathe in the life of medieval England in new and profound ways. Lovers of Mists of Avalon will be further enchanted. ~ Bill Pfeiffer, Wild Earth Wild Soul

Hearken to Avalon is a delightful, sensual and magical love story with a unique twist on a familiar tale…a succulent apple, one bite into its sweetness and it will carry you to a realm of magical possibilities. ~ Laura Wildman, What’s Your Wicca I.Q?, Wiccan Meditations, Celebrating the Pagan Soul

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3 thoughts on “About Hearken to Avalon and Author

  1. Hello! Is the book in print or for sale as an e-book? I’m really excited and proud of you wrote a book.
    Renee Bloom (formerly Hess)


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