Fall into Autumn, Mabon

Stag King in AutumnMabon

Winds of Change talk to me through the trees
rattling out the old,
whispering in the new,
and Oonagh is gifting us the tools of Transformation so that we may
learn to live in harmony with the cycles and processes of Nature.

Sticks clap like hands
to the heartbeat rhythm of a drum that is the Earth’s own.
Together we turn the Wheel –
The day of perfect balance does not last and we
fall into autumn
into fragrant herbs and
piling leaves
into the light of our hearth and home
where we settle in
to make the last batches of pesto and tomato sauce
Beebalm and Bumble Beewatching the last of the bumblebees spin in the fall flowers outside.
Days will shorten and nights will lengthen
and the scent of the deer is upon us
and we pray –
May the Spirit of the Stag King walk among us
May we feel his warm moist breath upon us and know
And feel our connection to all living beings.

Chippy eating from Arianna's hand. Image by John P. BuryiakHearken to the chipmunks who fatten their cheeks with so much seed
and know that, just as they,
after a flurry of activity to bring in the harvest,
we too may rest.

Welcome Mabon.

Copyright 2012, Arianna Alexsandra Collins
Arianna at Mabon



Arianna Alexsandra Collins, naturalist, poet, writer, and wild edible enthusiast lives in Ashfield, MA.

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