Spring’s Promise: A Witch’s Perspective

Spring is the promise of release; of cleansing; of birth waters bearing down on the valley, washing winter into the Atlantic, heralding new life and new beginnings. Early spring’s message can feel like a paradox. Warm sunny days followed by a snowstorm. Icy rain biting at raw skin followed by a warm breeze that can

Welcome Spring

Even amid the snow still on the ground, you can hearken to the signs of Spring. Flocks of male Red-winged Blackbirds are back in the wetlands singing and setting up hearth and home for their ladies soon to return. Even in the chill air, you can smell the sweetness that tells the tale of Sugar Maples

Heralders of Spring

Lesson of the Crocus Does the crocus study? Investigating springtime history, computing sunlight minus darkness times mean March temperature? Calculating root depth by height needed to clear the snowfall? Or does the crocus just say, “ready or not, here I come,” and have faith in its ability to survive the cold, the weight of snow,

Hearken, Spring Approaches

Hearken back to your roots, back to a time when you remembered how to read the signs of the changing seasons. Listen. Watch. Smell. Taste. Hearken, Spring approaches! Spring Approaches Spring is just around the corner, around the bend, around the bush, Right? All full of vim and vigor; of bravery and brazenness, like the