Fireflies of Avalon and New England

Fireflies are MAGIC!  While researching simultaneously on my work of historical fiction and a natural science article I was writing on fireflies a few years ago, I discovered that Fireflies exist in Great Britain as well as my home in New England. In fact, Fireflies are found on almost every continent. They love warm, humid

Hearken, Spring Approaches

Hearken back to your roots, back to a time when you remembered how to read the signs of the changing seasons. Listen. Watch. Smell. Taste. Hearken, Spring approaches! Spring Approaches Spring is just around the corner, around the bend, around the bush, Right? All full of vim and vigor; of bravery and brazenness, like the

Tracking Predator and Prey

Do you enjoy wandering in the woods, hunting for signs of what your wild neighbors are up to? These days, it is not so much about survival, though in the 1190’s, when Hearken to Avalon takes place, one would need to know how to track wildlife; one’s survival, and that of one’s people, may depend