May Queen

May QueenLilacs 1
By Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Hail May Queen!
Sovereign of Spring!
Madonna of Renewal!
Feel the freshet washing you clean
See the Beauty in the fresh green Earth
Smell the lilacs, elixir of Heart’s bliss
Hear the Lord calling his Lady to join in Harmony
Taste the new blossoms and be consumed ~

Spring is gushing
flooding the world in a symphony of color
Desire is blooming
opening to the Sun’s warmth.

Come, be here now in this momentIMG_2394
For it will never occur in the same way again.
Come, love here now on this carpet of green
Crooning to the beat of the flowers’ sway.

Hail May Queen!
Lady of the Dance!
Harbinger of Awakening!

Copyright 2008, Arianna Alexsandra Collins

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