Samhain Blessings: A Prayer


Samhain by Jade BengcoYou can feel the holiday approaching; the veils between the worlds are thinning.
Spirits are dancing out in starlight.
Who do you call out to?
Who do you mourn who has passed on?
What needs to be let go, released, and left alone?
What needs to die to be reborn in your life?

SamhainPrayer for Samhain
By Arianna

Come into Me
into the waning sun
into the Darkness
into rotting fruit and leaves and corpses
fodder for the next generation
of trees and souls.

Come into Me
into the screams of Gods and Women
into the cunt of Aradia
into the eyes of flaming pumpkins
the fears of mortals who tread
yet fail to see the Mystery within themselves.

Come into Me
into the Isle of Death
that which is Rebirth
into the dying, the decaying
that which is part of the cycle of renewal
into forest deep
that which has been called Sin
the ecstasy of Knowing.
Copyright 1991, Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Samhain falls on Monday, November 7th this year at 6:42 p.m.



Arianna Alexsandra Collins, naturalist, poet, writer, and wild edible enthusiast lives in Ashfield, MA.

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