Thank You Indiegogo Campaign Contributors

Arianna sending kiss (2)Hello my Dear Ones! Exciting news! I’ve made $3,760.00 in contributions through Indiegogo; 63% of my original goal. Additionally, I have received $650.00 in checks and cash, bringing the total to: $4,410.00 in contributions. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I am so many more steps closer to manifesting my dream and publishing my novel, Hearken to Avalon!


  • Indiegogo dispensed $3,308.80 (this is minus their 9% platform fee and bank transfer fee) into my “for Hearken to Avalon” bank account.
  • Laurel Thorndike is working on finishing the book cover!
  • Margaret Green is finishing up her second round of edits. The manuscript should be in my hands by Winter Solstice.
  • I had two contributors who provided in-kind services exceeding $1,000.00 each.
    • Margaret Green, my dear friend from college, requested to be my initial editor (which completely excited me). Margaret has already edited the story twice so she is not requesting “The Land” perk of me reading to her. Her assessment of Hearken to Avalon is, “This is a lively piece of writing. Vibrant and clever. Thematically, it is about trust and tolerance and demonstrates the importance of community. It is history being told through the eyes of love story.” 
    • Gus Ganley, my sweet friend and videographer, has enthusiastically requested “The Land” perk when the book is published and I look forward to our reading sessions in the months to come.
  • Belding Library of Ashfield has already requested a book reading and signing upon publication.
  • A friend has offered to host a reading to raise additional funds. This fundraiser is anticipated to occur around Valentine’s Day. The excerpts I choose to read will focus on the more juicy scenes for obvious reasons.
  • For my naturalist friends I will be offering a “Love Moon” night meander around February’s full moon. This micro-fundraiser will allow participants to learn about the courtship and mating habits of our wild neighbors while on a night hike through field and forest. Watch for details on Hearken to Avalon’s Facebook page.
  • Several friends have approached me and stated that they would like to contribute after the New Year. So more checks and cash will be flowing in to this project in early 2015. Huzzah!


With the money I have received from you:

  • Laurel Thorndike of Original Artwork by Laurel Thorndike will be paid for the front cover.
  • Laurel Thorndike will also be able to start working on creating the full cover with back and spine
  • My copy editor, Jennifer Wilhoit of TEALarbor Stories, will commence her work.
  • I will be able to pay for the internal book design.
  • A limited number of Hearken to Avalon greeting cards will be printed upon completion of the final cover design in color.

Your impact:

  • You support a promising new novelist (me).
  • You support a work that puts the environment, the Land, at the forefront rather than as a mere backdrop.
  • You support a project the offers tangible examples for growing compassion, honesty, love, and being true to one’s nature and true to one another in a world increasingly rife with strife.

How you can help me leverage promotion and marketing opportunities:

I still need to raise funds to pay for the Kindle conversion, copyright, ISBN numbers, book printing and marketing. It will take some more time for me to publish the book so that you can have it in your hands. Please be patient. I anticipate being able to print a limited number of copies by mid-2015.

Thank you again for all your support!
Bright Blessings,

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