Be You Angel or Demon, Hero or Villain, Still You Come to Me

angels-and-demons-amber-stanford“In the dusk, angels and demons walk. Who knows who they are? Or which is which. But there they are, sneaking their gifts into the crevices of change.” ~ Lillian Nattel, The River Midnight

I read this excerpt, not from this book, but in If a Tree Falls by Jennifer Rosner. A very moving account of a mother to two daughters who are deaf. Very worth the read!

The excerpt itself reminded me of an excerpt from my own novel.
(What doesn’t remind me of my novel? I see scenes and hear snippets everywhere.)

Two_Gray_Tabby_Cats_IversonShe propped herself up on her elbows to look at him and they started laughing again. She then became entirely serious, “We are like cats, feral, surefooted, navigating the narrow spaces in between. We keep this place because of our quiet tenacity and willingness to traverse the gray areas. I knew you were the right one because you are like us.”

Guy tilted his head in consideration. He had never thought that he was like anyone else; that he had kin who knew him and understood him and accepted him for who he was. He suddenly saw Morgaine not only as his lover and his wife, but also as a sister, a companion, a mirror. She knew him and she loved him. And too she walked the gray landscape of morality – all to protect herself and her people and the Old Ways. Now they were his people and his ways too. And he knew he would protect them all with his very life. (from Hearken to Avalon; all rights reserved.)

So to protect the ones you love and your way of life and the Land you live on – are you a hero? An Angel? Are you a villain because of what you are willing to do to protect? To shield? To save?

I am interested in hearing your thoughts. You can post them below and/or post them in the comments of this same post on the Hearken to Avalon Facebook page.

Let me know your thoughts.

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