The God/dess Incarnate: Meet the Lady of the Lake & the Stag King

“The Goddess as merely a concept doesn’t mean much. In order for her power to be activated, she must be channeled through real women (and men).” ~ Marianne Williamson.

I resonate with the above"Out of the Mist" Laurel Thorndike sentiment so much. In my novel, Hearken to Avalon, the Lady of the Lake is both Goddess and representative of the Goddess through Morgaine and her mother Evelyn. And the Stag King is both God and representative of the God through Guy.
We can each call the Divine up and out and in and through us!

Excerpt from Hearken to Avalon (All rights reserved.)

Rainer, from behind his mask, projected loudly, “Behold the Lady of the Lake; Maiden, Mother, and Crone.”

Guy did not recognize the older woman and wondered if she was part of the family. The circle widened until everyone in the field are a part of it with the Guardians flanking Gareth and the women.

The crone spoke, “Though I am old I still carry the wisdom of the ages within me. Hearken back to a time when we knew this to be the Motherland and we clung tight to our Mother’s breast and tasted her sweet cream. Remember a time of balance for both predator and prey. Hearken back to the wild lands and know that love made is not a sin; nor are you born of sin. You are bathed in the blood of the blessed womb as you enter this world. You are the embodiment of sacred life. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit and your love is a testament to that.”

When I saw Laurel Thorndike, rendition of the Stag King, I was captivated by His power and majesty. Laurel is now the illustrator for my book cover. See more of Laurel’s work at:

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Harken to Avalon book cover b&w

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