The Editing Process

As of 1:11am this morning I completed the second round of edits! Editing HtA
First, I went through mine in August, and then since mid September, I’ve been working through Margaret’s; a friend who is donating her time to edit the initial drafts. She’ll get the revised manuscript on Friday. I’m so thankful for her gift to me! She’s been so helpful and thorough. And I love her little side comments – they make me smile inside and out!

After she goes through her second round of editing and I incorporate her edits, then, with the campaign money, I will be able to pay for a professional copy editor. I have one already chosen and committed to the project. Jennifer Wilhoit, of TEALarbor Stories. She and I attended Antioch University New England together over a decade ago, and through our interview process we can both tell that we are a great match!

I am so enjoying this labor of love!

One thought on “The Editing Process

  1. Hi Arianna,
    Thank you so much for the mention. I am excited to embark on this final stretch of the journey with you. There is little more satisfying to a fellow author, editor, and writing mentor (who shepherds others’ work to fruition and completion) than seeing another writer reach her goal! So I can’t wait to get my hands on your fine manuscript…Blessings for your campaign.


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