Blessed Summer Solstice

ourunioninusIt is the Summer Solstice
Time to turn the Wheel.

It is the longest day of the year
the witnessing of the Divine Marriage.
Come, turn your face to the heat of the sun
and the fires that burn within.
Gather within this Circle
and become spokes of the Wheel.

Look into the mirror of your soul
and pour your dreams into Me.
Dance with the Green Leafy One
that two may become one.
Let the fires of passion envelop you
and burn in the Holy Union.

Beltane LoversWe die within each other
Light into Darkness, Darkness into Light
In the ecstasy of Completion
Loving so fulfilled that all become one
Only to be reborn again and again
in each others’ eyes.

Copyright, 1999, Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Blessed Summer Solstice!

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