Samhain Blessings

Dear Ones,
At Samhain the Beloved dead are honored and the new births are celebrated. And this October I have experienced both a death and a birth.

Mary Ann on Eldering June 2009On October 15th my mother, Mary Ann, passed away. She was just shy of 74 years old. She was so looking forward to reading my novel and refused to have me read it to her on the computer. “I want to hold it in my hands,” she said. I am sad to say she won’t get to. Still, I am thankful for all her love and support. I know she would be proud!
Hearken to Avalon Book Cover in hands 1

On October 31st, I received the “proof” of my novel.
Celebrate the birth of my novel with me!
Watch for posts on the Hearken to Avalon Facebook page. Please “like” and “share” my posts! Do a little Happy Dance and help spread the word!
Hearken to Avalon is due out in publication this month! Watch for it on and then purchase your copy and enjoy!
Bright Blessings,
Arianna holding Hearken to Avalon 1

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