A Different Kind of Hero’s Journey

What are you searching for? Where does your inner adventure take you?

In Hearken to Avalon, Guy of Gisbourne goes through quite an inner transformation as he becomes Guy of Avalon and accepts his role as the Stag King. He didn’t take the standard “hero’s journey”, battling dragons in some foreign for a damsel’s hand. He did the work within himself, in his own land, and found himself in community, not an island to himself.

Excerpt (all rights reserved):
Guy’s lips grew thin with tension as he considered Robin Hood being remembered as the hero; that no matter what Guy did, history would cast him as the villain to Robin’s hero. Because there always had to be a villain in the stories; that’s what made a good story, right?

Evelyn heard his thoughts and interjected, “So many boys take the outer journey, thinking, that is the hero’s journey; thinking, that the adventure out in the world makes them a man. Guy, you took the inner journey. Your adventure took you deep within the caverns of yourself. I know it has been wrought with pain and anguish, learning how to live into your true self, but you have succeeded. Let those who love you be the judge. Forget the rest.”

“I did stay. I battled my demons from without and from within and I found myself right here, at home. I am not good. I am not bad. I am just what She needs.”

Welcome to Hearken to Avalon!

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