Getting Ready to Start My Indiegogo Campaign

Arianna editing HtA JC (3)

There is quite a bit of set up that goes into publishing a novel. I am so excited to get the ball rolling… 

Hi. My name is Arianna Alexsandra Collins and I am delighted to introduce to you my novel, Hearken to Avalon. This work of historical fiction was first conceived as one hot fantasy. Friends of mine loved this scene running around in my head and suggested I write it down and expand upon it. That was over three years ago. For the last two years I have been writing Hearken to Avalon. My characters have blossomed and I have fallen in love with all of them. And I hope you will too.

Here is where you can read up on my progress as I as move through the publication process.  Thus far, I have been working through the  second round of editing and creating an Indiegogo campaign, which I am about to launch – exciting! I have leveraged in kind support with friend and editor, Margaret Green, who agreed to donate her time for initial editing before the work goes to the copy editor. Gus Ganley, friend and videographer, agreed to donate his time to create the campaign video. Watch it HERE!

HtA Screen Shot Arianna author 600

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